Our annual general meeting

group of people sitting roundYou are welcome to come along to our annual general meeting at 1pm on Saturday 25th October at the Joyce Layland LGBT Centre, M1 7HB.

We will be reviewing the year just gone and planning the coming year, plus electing three people to be our committee for the year.

Enquiries to myrtle@lgbtynw.org.uk

YWG have got some exciting plans ahead!

YWG groupThe Young Women’s Group is a dedicated space for young lesbian and bisexual women, from Manchester and beyond, aged 13-24 and we have some great plans lined up over the next few months. Whether you’re interested in campaigning, arts, poetry, history, discussions, the outdoors, games and other great things there is lots to get involved with through the YWG and our monthly summits. 

Exciting development in Oldham

roca logo oldham

Thank you to First Choice Homes, Voluntary Action Oldham’s Coop Fund and ROCA for helping fund the partnership new LGBT youth group we are supporting in Oldham. We have just set up a new mixed group with local Shaw resident Claire Harrop, who said, ‘This is something I really care about. The group is much needed and will give young LGBT people somewhere local to go to in Oldham’. For more details about the group see the flier below or email claire.harrop@lgbtynw.org.uk oldham flier with logo

Summer Sapphormation

IMG_1551On Saturday 16th August 12-4pm at The Joyce Layland LGBT Centre in Manchester is Summer Sapphormation.

A fab afternoon for women who love women with great food from Sidney St Cafe and an interactive arts workshop led by the brilliant Big Love Sista. Ages 18+ only.

Only £5 (pay on the door).


If you want to come you need to book in advance via this link – http://goo.gl/nYHPm2   There are limited places so don’t delay!

Great fun times on camp

IMG_1623Thanks to all who came on camp!

Check out the photos here

Summer camp fun times!

Summer camp fun on the bodies workshop  image

The heat is on!

Camp photoIt’s summer camp next week, and we are all super excited! Check out our photo stream for pictures of last year’s camp. Looking forward to making some brilliant memories again this year!

Watch our pink box film

Have a watch of our entry for Pink Box ‘Ur Own Vision’ 2014!

Making our Pink Box Video

 The theme for LGBT History Month this year was music, so we made a music video about things we dislike/don’t agree with/‘break our hearts’ for our Pink Box entry.

We were listening to lots of different music genres (soul, punk, dance and so on) to find a song we all liked and after lots of thinking and listening we chose the song ‘And Darling’ by Tegan and Sara, two women musicians who identify  as lesbian!


Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara


Have a read of the lyrics yourself and see what you think, or have a listen here


 “And Darling”

Creep up and tell me that you

You love me more each time you

Look into my eyes, I feel like

I know you don’t mean to be mean

I’m sure you know the same for me

When you creep up and tell me


It breaks my heart each time you


You break my heart each time you

You slip your hands inside my pockets

Tell me nothing else would do

Without me, you can’t live and

You slip your heart into my chest

They both become one of the strongest pairs

When strangers come

And darling

This thing that breaks my heart and


You break my heart each time you


This thing that breaks my heart and


You break my heart each time you 


Ignorant people/homophobia

The song ‘And Darling’ is about your heart breaking, so we thought about things that break our hearts and damage our self esteem. As we are all lesbian and bisexual women we wrote down some statements that frustrate us such as ‘you’re too pretty to be gay’ and ‘you just haven’t found the right guy yet’ 


Page 3

The Sun’s ‘Page 3’ made it onto our ‘list of stuff we don’t like’ because we feel it objectifies women and we believe it’s very sexist (there isn’t a page 3 for men!) so we decided to express our anger towards it by writing ‘page 3’ lots of times on a big piece of paper and tearing it up!


A section of our page 3 art work

A section of our page 3 art work

we included some other examples though they are less serious they still get on our nerves!

You’ll have to wait until the Pink Box launch event to see the whole video- our editing team are hard at work.





…it’s gonna be amazing!


In conclusion we enjoyed the fact that we could get creative and relate to each other through the statements, as we all felt we’d experienced them or some similar in our own lives.



Cassie and Natalie


The next Young Women’s Saturday Summit is Saturday 17th May, when we’ll be doing some bits and bobs at our allotment!

Summer Camp’s A-Comin’ !!!

Join us for loads of fun, making friends and trying new things on our Summer Camp from 31st July – 3rd August.

Download Summer Camp 2014 flier here, and the form you need to fill in here: Camp booking form 2014 and check out some choice pics from last year….

everyone on camp having fun

archeryCamp photo