This is the website of the Young Women’s Peer Health Project or the young women’s group as we are often known. We are the Young Women’s Peer Health Project run by and for young lesbian and bisexual women. We work to improve young lesbian and bisexual women’s health by promoting various activities designed around six areas of wellness:

These are: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and social/community.

For more information on the six areas of wellness we have produced an information leaflet available in print and also online, go to Guide to wellness
We do various activies including things such as : Social activities, research, conferences and international trips. We also have an annual summer camp. Not to mentioned our quarterly magazine : LIK:T

We meet at the Lesbian and Gay Centre in Manchester at least once a month to discuss issues and projects connected to Health and Wellness.

Checkout the magazine section for the online version of our very own written magazine LIK:T.

In diary you can find out what we are up to this year with a full listings of our activies.

Want to know more? take a look at our myspace pages and facebook profile, chat to members and join in on our discussions, go to… http://groups.myspace.com/likt or facebook

Checkout out links to other specifically Lesbian and general LGBT related websites

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