Guide to Wellness




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The Six Areas of Wellness


Knowledge that helps you lead a healthy happy lifestyle

What we do:
Research, quizzes, a magazine, training.

What you can do:
Stimulate your mind through reading or watching a good film.

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Join the between The Lines Library at The Lesbian and Gay Centre in Manchester


Regular excercise and a balanced diet.

What we do:
Mountain biking, walks snowboarding, triathlons, thematic cooking, rounders.

What you can do:
Regular excercise that fits in to your lifestyle such as a walk around a park or going swimming. Eat a balanced diet and try and eat five portions of fruit or veg a day.




De-cluttering your mind and feeling spiritually balanced

What we do:
Tai chi, Yoga, hand massaging, relaxation, detoxification.

What you can do:
Take time for yourself to relax and unwind by having a bath with aromatherapy oils and candles around around you.


Getting job satisfaction, learning new skills and getting along with the people you work with.

What we do:
Training such as first aid and computer skills, key skills qualifications for our volunteers like ‘working with others’.

What you can do:
Join a group or enrol on a course to learn new skills, perhaps through or by coming along to our group sessions at the Lesbian and Gay Centre.



Making friends and working as a team

What we do:
Run an annual women’s camp, provide a safe and relaxed meeting place, regular social outings i.e. for a meal or to the cinema, meet with other lesbian and bisexual groups or have joint events.

What you can do:
Come along to our next social event or go along to the group nearest to where you live.


Expressing how you feel and having support through different life situations

What we do:
Have group meetings, research into different emotional issues including sex and relationships, create activities, writing articles for the magazine and website design.

What you can do:
Express yourself clearly through painting, singing, writing or dancing.